Air Pollution

July 30, 2008


Drug Sellers

July 30, 2008

Here comes a person who normally spoils young people, the drug seller. It is especially terrible if they sell glue to street children. They are doing a very bad thing.

When drug sellers sell drugs to young children, they are thinking about what? This is very crazy. When I started taking drugs I used to take every kind, especially glue. As you know, a person who takes drugs doesn’t respect their parents and elders and this is very bad, but i thank God because I stopped taking drugs.

Drug sellers are the ones who are spoiling the young generation. I think the government shoud deal with drug sellers accordingly so that we can save the life of the young generation for tomorrow’s leadership.

Street Children Need Shelter

July 24, 2008

How Drugs are Killing the Young Generation

July 11, 2008

Joshua was my best friend. I liked him very much but he was very addicted to drugs.

One day as I was going to visit him in his association, I met with one of the other members, even he was sniffing glue. In Joshua’s friend’s hands were drugs, even more were in his bag that he had carried. By that time I was totally confused why they were taking drugs like this.

I remember well, I was alone, and I decided to ask him where Joshua was. I begged him until he told me that he had died because of a road accident just a few minutes ago when he was totally drugged.

Area near my base where it is easy to find drugs

Area near my base where it is easy to find drugs

After that I asked him where the accident had happened. He told me in the roundabout and took me there. I found Joshua lying in the center of the road without his shoes. Then, we took him to the mortuary. By that time, the policemen had not arrived and the car that had hit him had already escaped. From that day on, I decided that I would never take any drugs in my life.